Privacy Policy

This privacy policy intends to give you detailed information on how handles your details and all other kinds of data that may be shared with us during communication or while accessing our content.

You will get a detailed overview of the types of information we collect, how it’s going to be handled, and the safeguards we’ve put in place to protect its integrity. Privacy Policy Overview

To give you access to quality content and facilitate the loading of the website, may have to collect and process certain kinds of personal data.

In line with GDPR and other data protection policies/regulations, we have to detail how data is collected and subsequently processed.

The term processing itself is a general one, referring to the collection, storage, transfer, and update of personal information once it has come into our possession.

This privacy policy aims to acquaint you with the procedures we have in place for effective and safe data processing. Please familiarize yourself with this information, and if you do not agree with any of the stipulations, you are free to leave

The team is fully committed to protecting all personal data that you submit to us voluntarily or that is entered in our database when you visit the website. As a website user, you are entitled to be informed about the way this process works. All of our data collection and processing policies are fully aligned with GDPR and other national/international regulations aimed at protecting sensitive personal information.

As per these regulations, we are obliged to protect your personal information. will never share, reveal, or sell your data to third parties or agencies. If there is an exception to this stipulation, it will be listed in one of the next sections of this guide.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Depending on the regulatory framework and the operation of our website, the team may need to introduce occasional privacy policy upgrades and modifications.

This document aims to ensure our compliance with all relevant legal frameworks. Hence, we reserve the right to make changes and outline them in full detail here. Please check back with the privacy policy periodically occasionally to make sure you’re acquainted with its latest version.

Information That Cash Pot Results May Process as a Part of Website Operations

Cash Pot Results could process some of the following types of website visitor information for the provision of our services:

  • Your name and contact information (like email address)
  • Your birth date
  • Information about your age or gender
  • Your nationality
  • Marketing data
  • Third party-provided information
  • All other kinds of information that you decide to share with us when you get in touch with the team via the contact form

Reasons Why Such Information Is Processes

As a part of our privacy policy, we also need to inform you why needs to process the above-mentioned kinds of information. The most important reasons include the following:

  • As a part of identity verification processes
  • To ensure secure usage of the website
  • To provide you with relevant content suggestions
  • Whenever legal entities request information from us as a part of an investigation or a routine check

Also, the types of data mentioned above could be stored in the database. We may use such data to enhance the user experience on the website. Keep in mind, however, that none of the data that has been collected is personally-identifiable.

Ways Personal Information Is Collected could employ several ways to collect the types of data mentioned above:

  • Information will be collected whenever you fill out our online form and get in touch with the team
  • Some data will be generated and collected automatically when you click through and access the website
  • Information you provide by filling out forms or participating in forum discussions

These data collection methods are employed to give you content suggestions and ensure a better user experience each time you visit At the same time, we follow all governmental and international guidelines to protect your data.

Personal Data Sharing with Third Parties

The information that you have shared publicly, for example – through participation in forum discussions, will be readily available to anyone. You acknowledge this fact when participating in discussions or sharing information voluntarily via Cash Pot Results.

You are the sole party responsible for protecting sensitive information and details that you provide via such a public forum. Comments should be posted at your discretion and exercising common sense when revealing sensitive data.

Cash Pot Results will never use the information you supply us with for purposes other than the intended ones outlined above.

We also do not share or sell personal information with third parties unless an exception does apply. may be obliged to provide such information to regulatory authorities and governmental agencies as a part of an ongoing investigation.

If you believe that you have shared sensitive or personal information in a comment or via a forum discussion, you will need to get in touch with the team to request the removal of such data from our website.  We are obliged by law to respond and inform you about the pending deletion of such details from the site. Website Content Policy

Please acknowledge the fact that is a public platform. As such, it enables anyone to access the content, write comments, or engage in discussions on their own volition.

The Cash Pot Results team reserves the right to manage and moderate such content. We will monitor posts for offensive, legally damaging discriminatory or racist content.

It is not our obligation, however, to delete comments or content that website visitors simply dislike or disagree with.

If you believe there is defamatory, offensive, or legally damaging content on, please get in touch with us. The team will do its best to moderate such content quickly and remove anything that’s offensive (racist, sexist, derogatory, etc.).

Withdrawal of Information Sharing Consent

We are legally obliged to maintain the integrity of the information you share with us and to make such information readily available to you upon request.

If you want to see the details and the types of personal information that we process about you, please sent us a note.

The same procedure should be followed whenever you decide to withdraw your consent for the processing of personal data.

The Cash Pot Results Cookie Policy

Cookies are files placed on your computer each time you access a specific website. The purpose of the cookie is to save some data from your previous browsing session, allowing for faster website loading and the provision of relevant content.

All cookies are created to last a certain amount of time and expire. If you want to, you can delete cookies from your computer at any given time. Most browsers provide effortless options for the complete removal of website cookies. does use cookies in several distinctive ways:

  • To track the way you use our website
  • To determine if display messages have been seen during your website visit
  • To maintain the information you provided during surveys or polls

We may also maintain information about any requests you’ve made towards Such data often includes your IP address, location, and the IS you are working from. Depending on the circumstances, some information about the software you’re using could also be stored.

Cookies are only used by to give you the best and fastest possible website experience. The information is, once again not personally identifiable.

Site Visits from Countries Out of the EU

Cash Pot Results is hosted in a location out of the EU member states. Still, we recognize the fact that we will often have to process data coming from users within the EU. As per current regulations, all personal data coming from within the EU can still be processed outside of the Union. data protection policies are fully GDPR-compliant, and we are committed to enlisting all strategies that can be utilized to maintain the safety of sensitive personal data.

Cash Pot Results Data Retention Policy

Please acknowledge the fact that we need to store personal data for a period enabling the provision of a high-quality online service.

Besides, we may have to store personal data to ensure legal compliance and adherence to relevant regulatory frameworks.

Cash Pot Results is obliged to maintain such information in our database for instances when we may have to provide information as a part of an investigation or in the event of legal proceedings against us.

An Overview of Your Rights Under Data Protection Regulations

As a website visitor, you have certain privacy rights that are protected by various international regulations.

As of May 2018, the GDPR necessitates the highlighting of your rights. When visiting and supplying us with your personal information, you are entitled to the following rights and protections:

  • You have the right to know how your personal information is being collected and processed
  • You have the right to view your personal information, to request a correction or its eventual deletion from our database
  • You have the right to object to the use of specific data collection methods that you disagree with
  • You have the right to limit the amount and types of personal information that we process about you
  • You have the right to be forgotten
  • You have the right to move or copy all or some of your personal information

Please contact the team if you want to exercise any of these rights at any given time. If you have questions about our privacy policy or your rights, you should also drop us a note. The team will do everything in our power to respond to the inquiry as soon as possible.

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