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Sun, 23 Jun 2024
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Welcome to, your one-stop-shop for Supreme Ventures daily results and information about all Jamaican lotteries.

If you’re looking for comprehensive Jamaica lotto information, look no further. We have you covered! The website features most of the famous Supreme Ventures lotteries – you will find overviews that will guide you through the ticket buying process, and you will also get Supreme Ventures draw and results information.

Whether you need the latest Supreme Ventures results or information about older drawings for reference purposes, you’ll be provided with all the essentials to make the best decisions about playing Jamaican lotteries.

Supreme Ventures: A Lottery Overview

All Jamaica lotto games are operated by Supreme Ventures – the national entity that’s licensed for the purpose.

The company was formed back in 1995, and in 2001, it got licensed to hold lottery operations. In the very beginning, Supreme Ventures featured two games in its portfolio – Cash Pot and Lucky 5. The catalog was expanded further in 2003 through the addition of Dollaz!. Today, the Supreme Ventures lottery portfolio consists of the following entries:

  • Cash Pot: Cashpot is the flagship game in the Supreme Ventures portfolio. A Cash Pot draw occurs six times per day, giving Jamaicans numerous opportunities to win a prize. To play Cashpot, you have to pick at least one number in the range from one to 36. The minimum bet is 10 dollars.
  • Pick 2: Choose two numbers in the range from one to 36 and match both of them to win a prize.
  • Pick 3: Choose three numbers from zero to nine and select the bet type you like the most. Players can win up to 600,000 dollars from Pick 3.
  • Pick 4: Choose four numbers in the range from zero to nine for a chance to win 54,000 dollars for a 10-dollar bet.
  • Lucky 5: In this game, players select five numbers from 26 possibilities.
  • Top Draw: For a chance to win a Jamaica Lotto prize, choose five numbers from one to 22. There are five daily drawings and a top prize of at least 200,000 dollars.
  • Dollaz!: You can choose anywhere between three and 10 numbers in the range from one to 36. The game offers a lot of betting flexibility.
  • Lotto: A popular Jamaican lottery, this one features a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 25 million dollars.
  • Super Lotto: One of the biggest regional lotteries, Super Lotto is organized in several other countries apart from Jamaica. It is probably the Supreme Ventures lottery known to produce the biggest prizes.
  • Money Time: This is a roulette-themed lottery social space game that comes with a payout of 260,000 dollars for every 10 dollars that the player wagers.

Where to Check Supreme Ventures Results Today

As already mentioned, our mission is to simplify the process of checking Supreme Ventures results.

It’s a good idea to check results for the lottery that you’re interested in as soon as the drawing takes place. Just like all other lottery operators, Supreme Ventures imposes a deadline on prize claims. If you do not come forward within the specified period to request your payout, the sum will be transferred to a fund and dedicated to charitable causes in Jamaica.

The latest Supreme Ventures results can be accessed in multiple ways.

For a start, the official Supreme Ventures website features the information. You can get the Supreme Ventures results today immediately after the drawing occurs. The Supreme Ventures online platform also has a results archive. You can use the archive information to determine hot and cold numbers to improve your odds of winning a prize.

Our website is also committed to providing timely and quickly updated information about the Jamaica lotto.

Go to the respective lottery tab to find the information you’re interested in. There is Supreme Ventures Pick 4 results, Cashpot results, Dollaz! Information, as well as the latest drawn numbers for all other Jamaican games of interest.

We also maintain a thorough and meticulous results archive you can use to go back in time and see which numbers have produced the most wins.

Cashpot Results; Everything about Jamaica’s Flagship Game

As soon as a Cash Pot draw takes place, Jamaicans rush to check the results. This social phenomenon isn’t surprising; the flagship Supreme Ventures game is still as popular today as it was in 2001.

The Cashpot results for today in Jamaica are uploaded to the Supreme Ventures website as soon as a drawing takes place.

By using the calendar there, you can also check the Cashpot results for yesterday, as well as the numbers drawn during a previous date.

Cash Pot daily results are also available here.

You can see the Cashpot results for today on the homepage, as well as the special page dedicated to the game.

We feature a Cashpot results archive, as well. Don’t hesitate to visit the archive page and to select the date that you’re interested in. The numbers drawn during that day will be displayed for reference purposes.

As the team behind this portal (and avid lottery fans), we can promise you one thing – we’re doing our best to provide you with the most accurate information. We rely on multiple sources and official Supreme Ventures drawings to update the results archive for each game and to also give you the rules and the ticket buying information.

Bookmark this website if you play Jamaican lotteries regularly. We promise that we’re never going to disappoint you and the quality of information will always remain high. Good luck!