Dollaz Jamaica

A lottery named Dollaz certainly sounds exciting. While the money isn’t anything and the lottery brings along a much higher thrill, it’s nice to win something.

Dollaz is one of the games in the portfolio of Jamaica’s Supreme Ventures – the national lottery operator. As such, it is an entirely legitimate opportunity that’s guided by governmental regulations and laws. You can rest assured that Dollaz will give you an honest chance to have fun and even win a prize.

Supreme Ventures was set up back in 1995 and ever since it’s been working steadily on extending the number of lottery opportunities available in the country. Currently, Jamaicans and visitors can test their luck 10 games – Cash Pot, Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, Top Draw, Super Lotto, Money Time, Lotto and Lucky 5.

Dollaz appeals to players because it offers a lot of flexibility. The most excellent option that players benefit from is that they select the wager amount. While this is a lot of fun, it can also get somewhat confusing for first-time players. Thus, our guide highlights all of the essentials one needs to master when attempting to claim a Dollaz Prize.

How to Play Dollaz?

Let’s start with the basics: for a chance to win a prize, a player has to choose anywhere between three and 10 numbers from a pool of 36. It’s really up to the player to decide what the set is going to be – there are no official limitations.

During every single drawing, 12 of the 36 Dollaz numbers will be chosen. When numbers selected by the player match the numbers drawn, there will be a payout.

There are five Dollaz drawings per day – at 8:30 am, 10:30 am, 1 pm, 5 pm, and 8:25 pm. Dollaz drawings occur Monday through Sunday. Every single drawing is televised and broadcast live, enabling players to see the Dollaz winning numbers as they are being selected.

This is a fixed payout game, meaning no rollovers take place. This is a standard format for daily lotteries, however, and here’s some more information needed to win.

How to Win Dollaz Jamaica?

The multiple playing opportunities can get a bit confusing, which is why we need to dig a bit deeper in the different gameplay options.

When getting your Dollaz ticket, you’ll have to point out whether you’re opting for 3-play, 4-play, 5-play, etc. until 10-play.

A wager will also have to be chosen – there isn’t a fixed bet amount. The size of the wager will be determining for the size of the payout. Betting is possible in increments of 10 dollars, starting at 10 and moving up to 100 dollars.

While 100 is the maximum, players have been known to place multiple 100-dollar wagers on the same drawing and the same numbers. This will increase the size of the payout, but the risk of losing a lot of money is also going to be higher.

It’s up to you to pick your numerical set and your wager. Our suggestion is to go a bit more conservative in the beginning. A smaller set is easier to guess, and you should also keep the wager at a comfortable amount.

To win the top prize for each of the gameplay options, you will need to have all of your chosen numbers featured among the winning Dollaz numbers for the respective drawing. Thus, if you pick 6-play, all six of the numbers you chose will have to appear among the 12 numbers selected.

Dollaz Prizes and Odds

The top prize depends on the set of numbers you play and the wager you’ve placed.

If you opt for pick-7, for example, and the smallest possible bet, you will win 5,000 dollars when you guess all seven of the numbers. There are also prizes if you match six, five, or four numbers. If you don’t match any of the numbers drawn for the respective drawing, you will win a small consolation prize of 10 dollars.

The official lottery website doesn’t provide more information about the multiplier that applies to each of the betting options. One thing is sure – you can win the biggest prize by opting for pick-10 and wagering the maximum amount. This is the most challenging Dollaz gameplay possibility and the one that has the toughest odds. The bigger payout compensates players for limited chances.

Players have 90 days from the date of the drawing to come forward and make a prize claim, regardless of the amount they’ve won.

Sums of up to 54,999 dollars can be cashed out at any Supreme Venture agency. These are available throughout Jamaica, and they’re branded. You will easily recognize an official venue, and a full list of addresses is available on the Supreme Ventures website.

Prizes between 55,000 and 299,999 dollars are paid out at the Supreme Ventures regional centers in Kingston, Spanish Town, Montego Bay, and Savana-la-Mar May Pen.

For a more significant amount, players will have to visit the Supreme Ventures headquarters.

All of the prizes are paid as a single cash sum. The top prizes in the range of 300,000 dollars or more will be paid out in the form of a cheque.

Checking the Latest Dollaz Results

Getting the Dollaz results for today is vital so that you have enough time to claim a prize in the event of winning.

One of the easiest ways to get the Dollaz winning numbers is to watch the televised draw broadcast. The official Supreme Ventures website also features this information.

Here, you can also find the latest Dollaz winning numbers, as well as a Dollaz past winning numbers archive. The Dollaz results for today are published as soon as the latest drawing takes place. To check out the archive, pick the date you’re interested in from the drop-down menu. All of the daily drawing results will be provided for your consideration.

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