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How to Play Money Time

What could be better than a lottery that carries the name Money Time? Jamaica’s Supreme Ventures has one such opportunity in its portfolio.

Money Time is the newest addition to the Supreme Ventures portfolio, and it happens to be very different from the other games offered by the operator. This is the highest frequency game offered in Jamaica. A drawing takes place every five minutes, resulting in many opportunities a day to win the jackpot.

Since the frequency is so high, the game isn’t the one with the biggest Jackpot in Jamaica. Still, several characteristics make Money Time worth a try. Money Time by Supreme Ventures is a roulette-themed game. If you like the casino and games of luck, you’ll be happy with what this one has to offer.

Depending on the numbers selected via the Money Time wheel, players will receive a prize that totals their bet x26 to 28 times.

Playing the Money Time game is relatively simple, as long as you understand a couple of rules.

For a start, you have to choose a number from one to 36 and place a bet on it. It’s also possible to pick 0 or 00, just like in a game of roulette. For every 10 dollars wagered, a player will receive 260 dollars if their number is drawn.

If 0 is the winning number, the return on a 10-dollar bet is going to be 270 dollars. For a 00 win, the player will receive 280 dollars on every 10-dollar bet, which makes the double zero the most profitable winning number.

Keep in mind these are not the only opportunities to bet and win in Money Time. Players can also choose an alternative, roulette-inspired bets like row, column, dozen, red or black, odd or even and low or high bet. Occasionally, special drawings and additional monetization opportunities may be announced. Keep a watchful eye at the news or visit a local Supreme Ventures venue to find out more.

As you’ve probably guessed already, the minimum bet consists of 10 dollars. Players, however, have the freedom to go up and bet a more substantial amount.

Money Time drawings take place every single day, starting at 6 a.m. and ending at 2 p.m. The daily drawings every five minutes also occur on Saturday and Sunday.

In Jamaica, you have to be 18 or older to buy lottery tickets or participate in betting games. There are no restrictions when it comes to the nationality of people who benefit from such opportunities.

Tickets can be acquired at all of the Supreme Ventures retail venues. Advance play is possible, allowing the player to use one slip for participation in numerous of the upcoming daily drawings.

Online ticket buying is starting to get introduced as a part of a Supreme Ventures modernization initiative. Currently, however, the online and mobile portals that the company has worked on support a limited number of games. You may want to check back with the platform to find out which new games have been added.

Money Time Prizes and Odds

The specific type of bet will determine how much a player is going to win. We’ve already mentioned the base payments for all of the bets. You can find additional information on the Money Time official website.

Occasionally, there will be special drawings that come with higher prizes. Money Time Mega, for example, took place in 2017 to size up the winnings.

According to the official Money Time presentation, there was a base pay and an additional payment for every single bet.

For a 10-dollar bet, a player who chooses the numbers from one to 36, the base payment was going to be 10 dollars. There was an additional payment of 700 dollars for a total of 960 dollars.

When 0 was the winning number, the base payment for a 10-dollar bet was 270 dollars, and there was also an additional payment of 780 dollars, making the total amount of 1050 dollars. Finally, the double zero bet brought 810 dollars on top of the base payment to contribute to a prize of 1090 dollars.

Check out the Supreme Ventures website news section to see announcements about upcoming special drawings that could increase the size of the payout in the Money Time game.

Once the Money Time results are announced, players will have 90 days to come forward and make a prize claim.

Awards of up to 54,999 dollars can be cashed out immediately at all Supreme Ventures retail venues in Jamaica. For a more substantial sum (up to 299,999 dollars), the player will have to go to one of the Supreme Ventures regional offices. In the case of prizes exceeding 300,000 dollars, players have to go to the Supreme Ventures head office in New Kingston.

Smaller prizes are paid out as cash immediately. For sums exceeding 299,999 dollars, players will have to wait for a cheque to be issued.

Money Time Results: Where to Check

There are several opportunities to check the Money Time results for today.

For a start, the drawings are televised and broadcast live at select Supreme Ventures venues. Money Time game aims to be a social event. Hence, players can go to their favorite spot, watch the drawing together, and cash out the prize immediately if they’ve won anything.

The Money Time Supreme Ventures website also provides information about the latest drawings and a results archive. Players can also use the check ticket feature to find out if their entry for a specific drawing has won anything.

We’re also committed to providing consistent and reliable Money Time results service. Our website has information about the latest drawings and a results archive you can check for reference purposes.

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