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Pick 3 Jamaica

The Pick 3 format is quite popular across the globe. Jamaica also has its version of the game run and operated by Supreme Ventures.

If you’ve played a Pick 3-style lottery somewhere else, you’re not going to be troubled by the Jamaican game. You know why? Because it’s precisely the same as the three-digit lotteries available in other parts of the world.

Each drawing gives players a chance to win up to 600,000 dollars. That’s a pretty massive sum, taking into consideration the excellent Pick 3 odds and the fact that players can make several different kinds of bets. To get started with Pick 3, you’ll need to keep the following essentials in mind.

How to Play Pick 3

To play Pick 3 Jamaica, you have to select a three-digit number in the range from 000 to 999.

Drawings take place every single day, at 8:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1 p.m., 5 p.m., and 8:25 p.m. They are televised and broadcast live, giving players a chance to learn what is the latest Pick 3 result immediately. Anyone who would like to watch the televised drawing will need to tune in at the particular time on Television Jamaica.

Several kinds of bets are possible – straight, mix, and back-up.

The straight bet is the classic variety. You need to guess the three digits and the order in which they are drawn. Because accomplishing both is most difficult, the straight bet is the one that produces the highest payout. It costs 10 dollars per one three-digit submission.

A mix bet allows you to win whenever you guess the three numbers being drawn. You don’t have to guess the order. There is a system used to determine the prize sum a player will be entitled to, but the award is smaller than in the case of a straight bet.

Back-up bets is a hybrid between the straight and the mix bet. You can choose this bet to benefit from all possible winning options. If your three-digit number is selected and you’ve guessed the order correctly, you will win the straight bet and the mix bet award. Otherwise, you will only get the mix bet prize.

The sum you will have to invest in a mix bet is 20 dollars. It’s more expensive because it provides better odds of winning a prize than either of the other two bet varieties. If you want to, you can exceed the minimum bet amount, but the increase has to be in increments of 20 dollars.

In Jamaica, you have to be aged 18 or older to buy Pick 3 Supreme Ventures tickets. There are no limitations on the nationalities of people who can get a lottery ticket, as long as they’re staying legally on the territory of Jamaica.

Online ticket buying options for the Supreme Ventures lotteries aren’t available at the time being. There isn’t an official online Jamaican lottery portal, and international lottery agents don’t carry games from the country.

Pick 3 Prizes and Odds

Pick 3 Supreme Ventures tickets are characterized by excellent odds of winning a prize and great rewards for lucky players.

The maximum amount that a straight bet player can win is 600,000 dollars. For a 10-dollar bet, however, the optimal amount that a player could win is going to be 6,000 dollars. You will have to be a lot more courageous and willing to lose a more substantial sum of money to win the optimal amount in the game of luck.

In the case of a mix bet, there are several monetization opportunities.

If you choose a Mix 6-Way ticket, you will be playing all possible combinations of the three digits featured in your combination. For example, if you choose the number 178, a 6-way bet will allow you to win for 178, 187, 871, 718, 817, and 781. If you spend 10 dollars on your ticket, the maximum payout you will receive is 1,000 dollars.

A Mix 3-Way ticket applies to those who have two identical numbers in the combination. For example, the digits you choose have to be 773. In this case, you can create three combinations out of the digits. The payout per 10 dollars in this instance is going to be 2,000 dollars.

All players have 90 days from the date of the drawing to make a prize claim. Sums of up to 54,999 dollars can be cashed out at any of the Supreme Ventures agencies throughout Jamaica. The payout will come in the form of cash, and it’s going to be immediate.

Sums of up to 299,999 dollars can be cashed out at the Supreme Ventures regional centers. There are several such centers, and you can get the contact information and the addresses from the lottery operator’s official website.

For larger amounts, players have to visit the Supreme Ventures prize payment center in New Kingston. Such big prizes are paid out in the form of a cheque.

How to Check the Latest Pick 3 Result?

If you want to know whether you’ve won anything from the latest Pick 3 drawing, you’ll have to check the Pick 3 result today. You can do so by watching the televised drawing. The information is also broadcast live on radio.

Visit the Supreme Ventures official website to check out the latest Pick 3 result. A results archive is also available if you want to examine past drawing information for reference purposes.

We’re also committed to becoming a reliable Jamaican lottery results database. We’ve compiled Pick 3 results archives that you can easily browse through by choosing the correct date. Going through the latest, as well as the past Pick 3 results can help you enhance your gameplay strategy and increase your odds of claiming a prize.

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