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Pick 4 Jamaica

Pick 4 is popular in Jamaica for several reasons. For a start, its format is quite different from what other lotteries have to offer. The format includes numbers, as well as their order. Also, players have a choice of bet. Anyone can bet as little or as much as they feel comfortable with.

Pick 4 was introduced in January 2012. During its first year of existence, the game became a big hit, and its popular status has remained intact ever since.

Over time, Pick 4 has produced some very spectacular top prizes that we’ll examine in one of the sections below. Are you ready to get started? Let’s dig deeper into this popular Jamaican lottery.

Jamaica Pick 4 Rules

The Pick 4 Jamaica rules state that players have to select four numbers, each one in the range from zero to nine. To win the biggest prize, players have to match both four numbers and the order they have been drawn.

Thus, a player who chooses 1234 will not win the top prize if the numbers are drawn in the order 1243.

The minimum wage in the game is one dollar. Players, however, are free to go higher. Such a brave decision will increase the size of the payout in the event of winning. Pick 4 has three prize tiers, and there are four daily drawings, every single day of the week.

Apart from the standard betting option (straight bet), players can also choose a couple of alternatives. These include box straight, box front 3, back 3 and pick 4. More information about the main differences between these bet varieties can be found at the retail venues of Supreme Ventures – the entity responsible for holding lotteries in Jamaica.

Pick 4 tickets can be bought at all of the Supreme Ventures outlets throughout Jamaica. More information about the locations is available on the company’s official website.

Supreme Ventures has also developed a mobile app for remote betting via the net. Unfortunately, the app currently features betting opportunities for only two games – Cash Pot and Money Time. There’s no possibility for Pick 4 betting online, possibly because of the fact there’s no fixed bet amount.

Prizes: What Does Pick 4 Pay?

This is the biggest question.

The size of the bet determines just how much a Pick 4 Jamaica player is going to win.

With a one-dollar wager, a player can win up to 4,000 dollars. Players who bet 10 dollars can win an amount of up to 54,000 dollars.

Numerous committed Pick 4 players have managed to earn a significant amount through the years. Pick 4 comes with relatively good odds in comparison with other lotteries, hence the number of people who have won more than once.

In 2012, Supreme Ventures announced that Jamaicans had won over 1.4 billion dollars from Pick 4 in the period from January to November of the year.

Since then, Supreme Ventures has made many people happy through Pick 4. In the summer of 2018, the story of one father moved the entire Jamaican community. He placed his bet on the number 6-6-6-6, and he won the maximum prize. Nakia Anderson said that he’d use the money to buy his son school books and supplies.

Keep in mind that Pick 4 often holds special programs to popularize the game. The Multiple Chance Promotion was one of those. While it did not increase the maximum payout of 54,000 dollars, it provided players with multiple opportunities to win.

All players who win a Pick 4 prize have 90 days from the date of the drawing to make a prize claim.

Those who win up to 54,999 dollars can cash out the corresponding amount at any Supreme Ventures retail outlet. The Supreme Ventures prize payment center can also handle all kinds of prizes, regardless of their amount. The payout is immediate.

For sums in the range from 55,000 dollars to 299,999 dollars, players will have to visit the Supreme Ventures regional retail centers in Kingston, Spanish Town, Savanna-la-Mar May Pen, and Montego Bay. The payout is once again immediate, and the sum is provided in cash.

For more massive prizes, players will have to visit the Supreme Ventures prize payout center in New Kingston. More significant amounts are paid out in the form of a cheque. The cheque becomes available within 72 hours of the presentation of the winning ticket.

When Is the Pick 4 Drawing?
Pick 4 result information is available daily as the game features four individual drawings per day. The Pick 4 results for today can be checked out via the Supreme Ventures official app. The company’s website also provides such information.

You can check the Pick 4 results by visiting retail outlets, as well. All of the Supreme Ventures venues should feature boards announcing the newest results.

Our website can also provide you with comprehensive information about the latest drawing, as well as the past ones.

Please check out the Pick 4 results for today by going to the respective section. If you need to see the results archive, you can do so by going to the date that you’re interested in (use the drop-down menu). The archives results can help you identify hot and cold numbers, fine-tuning your strategy.

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