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How to Play Pick Two

Jamaica has such a diversified and fun range of lottery games! Pick 2 is one of those. While it’s not the biggest and the most profitable lottery in the Supreme Ventures portfolio, Pick 2 can be a fun little addition to anyone’s playing habits.

Pick 2 was introduced to the Supreme Ventures portfolio in 2010. It’s not the newest entry in the diversified lineup and over the years, the game has built its loyal group of fans who test their luck regularly.

If you’ve never played Pick 2 in the past, there are a few essentials you’ll need to acquaint yourself with.

The Pick 2 winning strategy has to differ slightly from what you’d use in the case of other draw-style games. The reason is simple – instead of giving players a single set of numbers to choose among, Pick 2 features two distinctive sets (hence the name).

For a chance to play and win, an individual will have to select one number in the range from one to 36 and one additional number in the range from one to 36. This means that a Pick 2 entry could consist of the same number 12-12, for example.

Both the numbers and the order in which they’re drawn will matter for winning. To claim the top prize, a player has to match both the numbers and the order in which they’re drawn. It’s also possible to win a smaller prize for matching just one of the two numbers in the order in which it has been drawn.

There’s a minimum bet amount set at 20 dollars. If they wish to, Pick 2 players can go higher and win a bigger prize. If this is something you’re interested in, you’ll have to set a reasonable limit. Going overboard doesn’t guarantee a win and you need to stick to responsible lottery practices.

The maximum amount a player can spend on a Pick 2 ticket is 1,000 dollars.

Pick 2 offers daily drawings. You can test your luck at 1 p.m., 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. local time, from Monday to Sunday.

You can get your ticket at all of the Supreme Ventures authorized retail venues throughout Jamaica. It’s up to you to decide if you’re going to use your numbers or whether you’ll opt for the quick pick functionality that assigns the Pick 2 numbers randomly.

In Jamaica, you have to be at least 18 to play the lottery. Both Jamaican citizens and foreigners who are residing in Jamaica legally can play Pick 2, as well as the other games in the Supreme Ventures portfolio.

Online ticket buying isn’t available at the time being. Supreme Ventures has built an official online ticket purchase portal, but for the time being, it supports a limited number of games.

Pick 2 Prizes and Odds

Just like most other daily games, Pick 2 does not offer the biggest payouts out there. The fact that you have control over the betting amount, however, is a lot of fun. Also, you can end up winning a nice award if you’re lucky.

If you match both of the numbers drawn in the correct order and you bet 20 dollars, you will win 8,000 dollars. The biggest possible jackpot is 400,000 dollars if you decide to bet 1,000 dollars on the game.

Those who match the first number only will win 100 dollars in the event of a 20-dollar bet. The reward is the same for those who match the second number in the exact order. In the event of a 1,000-dollar bet, players will win 5,000 dollars by matching just one Pick 2 number.

All of the prizes are guaranteed and fixed. Pick 2 is not a pari-mutuel game and the size of the reward is not dependent on the number of players and the number of winners. While this is a good thing, it also precludes the possibility for more massive amounts accumulating to increase the payouts.

Winners have 90 days from the date of the drawing to come forward and make a prize claim.

How the reward can be cashed out depends on the amount.

For sums of up to 54,999 dollars, winners can visit all of the Supreme Ventures retail venues throughout Jamaica. They will receive the payout immediately after their identity is verified.

Sums of up to 299,999 dollars can be received at the Supreme Ventures regional offices in Kingston, Savana-la-Mar May Pen, Montego Bay, and Spanish Town.

If the sum is more significant, the winner will have to go to the Supreme Ventures head office in New Kingston. These awards are provided in the form of a cheque, and the Pick 2 payout may take some time to be issued in such instances.

Keep in mind that Jamaica does tax lottery winnings. This is something to take into account when doing financial planning after you’ve won anything.

Checking the Pick 2 Results

With three drawings per day, Pick 2 offers multiple ways to check the results.

The Pick 2 result for today can be accessed in all of the Supreme Ventures retail venues. These have information for all of the games, and you can also immediately cash out any amount that you have won.

If you want more comprehensive information, visit the Supreme Ventures official website. The latest Pick 2 result will be available as soon as the drawing takes place. You will also find the Pick 2 results yesterday and an extensive archive that can be beneficial for reference purposes.

A final reliable option you can count on is our website. We have the latest Pick 2 results and the past Pick 2 numbers that have won. Just choose the date you’re interested in, and the information will be displayed for you.

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